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The Top 5 Phoenix Apartments

Those living in apartments in Phoenix, Arizona will definitely praise the city’s beauty and grandeur as well as its reasonable cost of living that makes living in Phoenix a pleasure. With its area encompassing 2000 square miles, the city from being a scenic place has transformed itself into a growing metropolis that sees millions teeming to it either for visiting or for work-related purposes. In view of this finding the right Phoenix, Arizona apartments can be an uphill task despite plenty of apartments being available.

Phoenix apartments for rent are available in plenty across the length and breadth of the city- a list that can certainly leave newcomers confused as to the best one. Five of the best apartments in Phoenix include the Serafina and Pointe at South Mountain, Desert Club, Canyon Place Apartments, Pinnacle Tower Center and Mountain Park Ranch. The Serafina and Pointe at South Mountain provide for one or two bedroom apartments for rent at rental charges of $600 – $700 per month. Apartments in these areas have been recommended by 76% of those living here owing to the good quality construction, maintenance, parking and office staff. These areas also boast of lower noise levels and are safer.

Desert Club, Phoenix, Arizona apartments have been described as a ‘nice place to live in’ that not only satisfies the requirement for all the above-mentioned facilities but also is located in a friendly neighborhood area. Rental charges here are slightly higher that range from $700 to $1100. Apartments at Canyon Place and Pinnacle Tower Center are also available at similar rental charges and facilities provided at these apartments are also similar although these areas have a greater percentage of people recommending for them. Lastly, the Mountain Park Ranch is the best if your family consists of tiny tots as in addition to the other facilities it also provides for playgrounds for children and on the whole has an atmosphere that suits family life.

The above-mentioned Phoenix apartments are just five of the best ones among the hundreds that are available in the city. Those wishing to find Phoenix apartments for rent can easily do so by visiting the concerned websites that list out the available apartments in Phoenix and give details regarding the neighborhood, facilities available and rental charges. Therefore, visit these websites today to locate the best Phoenix apartments that befit your needs and budgets.

The five best Phoenix apartments for lease are those that provide all the basic facilities to the residents and are those that fit within the financial means of even the shallow pockets.