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Arizona Apartments: Making It Easy To Know A Good Deal

About the State Of Arizona

Those seeking Arizona apartments have a lot of reasons for choosing this state. From the low state personal income tax (3.3 to 5 %) to a wide range of jobs existing in a strong economic base coupled Arizona’s southwestern desert climate punctuated with a number of natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, and the northern mountains around Flagstaff, this state offers those who live there a rich lifestyle. Newcomers will find the residents open and friendly too. Outdoor and sport activities abound and no matter what your interest Arizona is sure to have something that appeals.

The major cities in Arizona all offer something unique. From the sprawling Phoenix with it’s high-tech industry, tourism outfitters, and construction boom, to the “best place to live” top five scorer of Tucson which got great marks for living costs, low crime, and good educational opportunities, one is sure to find a place in Arizona. Do not overlook one of the highest cities in the nation, Flagstaff. Milder weather then the lower elevations boast and ample snow in the winter makes this community ideal for those who love the outdoors.

How Rents Compare to the National Average and Nearby States

Arizona apartments typically match the national average, although looking a Yuma and Flagstaff one can find rents that are lower. One seeking to work seasonally can typically get good housing deals in local communities near those recreational centers or may find housing provided by their employers. In comparison to the nearest states Arizona has rents lower then every other state nearby. Here are the numbers for a two bedroom apartment in the region: California, $1,405; Colorado, $1,000; Texas, $936; New Mexico, $868; Wyoming, $829; Nevada, $806; Utah, $794; Arizona apartments, $785. Overall, Arizona is a great place to consider living in with both low costs for rent and high opportunities for employment.

Current Rents and Past Trends for Apartments in Arizona

Remember that the prices in Arizona for apartments do vary, with those in Phoenix and Tucson being on the higher end and Flagstaff and Yuma falling below the averages listed here. Even so, finding a apartment in Arizona should be easy on both your stress levels and your pocketbook. Prices for May of 2011 are listed here. Studio apartments average under five hundred and fifty dollars at $538. One bedroom apartments clock in at $627 on average. Two bedrooms will cost you about a hundred and seventy-five dollars below the national rates at $785. Three beds are still reasonable at $1,069.

When trying to decide where to move knowing what the past rents have been like is extremely valuable. The trends over the last six months look like this: December, $783; January, $780, February, $783; March, $772; April, $777; May, $785. All prices are for two bedroom apartments. Clearly the rents for this state are very steady. The best suggestion is that renters move to lock in long term leases for Arizona apartments when the rent is low but living month to month is fairly safe.